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Over 130 people from a range of organisations and networks attended the Active Calderdale conference at The Shay Stadium on 17th April 2018.

The event provided information on the Local Delivery Pilot for Active Calderdale with prof Jim McKenna outlining the case for Physical Activity in a thought provoking session. Physical activity improves the quality of people’s lives, promoting physical and mental well-being and stronger more inclusive communities. This preceded an important element of the event; the detailed discussions with delegates on the challenges and priorities within their communities.

Through these facilitated discussions, the following points were highlighted consistently:

  • There is a need for greater connectivity between existing groups and networks to enable collaboration, through shared outcomes and resources – delivering whole system change to get inactive people from the most deprived communities moving
  • It is important that learning from previous initiatives and interventions across the country is considered when planning system changes
  • Greater understanding and insight is required on the inactive population of Calderdale – Statistics indicate there are circa 40,000 people in Calderdale who are inactive (undertaking less than 30 minutes of activity per week).  There is a need to gather more detailed information on their location, demography, barriers etc. to develop the right sustainable interventions
  • Communities need to be at the core – This will require the 3% of people in those communities that will drive change, to be identified and supported appropriately
  • There will need to be investment in the infrastructure to build capacity across the district if there is a drive to get 40,000 more people active
  • Innovative and varied communication through the district to build awareness of Active Calderdale and encourage interaction through social media & digital platforms.  This can be done through the development of digital technology to promote activities and track engagement
  • There was a strong emphasis and a pledge to push the Active Calderdale vision through networks, communities and workplaces

Continuing the Journey:

There are proposals for Design Council to deliver training for 40 to 50 people from across the district, which will get to the heart of communities and help to understand the unique challenges and issues within them and help design solutions that meet inactive people’s needs.  More information will be shared once plans are confirmed.

Spread the vision and get in contact with ideas and solutions at There is a dedicated webpage which has been created to share information across the network.

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