Advertising on Phoenix FM – current offer during COVID-19

Phoenix FM are inviting organisations to send across information and publicity about current service offers to children, young people and their families.

These programmes can inspire others, support their feelings and can also lead to a form of resolution for some. It can strengthen resilience of people currently isolated from friends, family and colleagues, which can motivate people to participate in activities that will help their health and wellbeing.

Phoenix can give people online or email tutorials on scripting and how to record their information using their mobile phones.

How to use a mobile phone to record interviews

Step 1

If you do not have an active voice recorder on your mobile phone, go into the Play Store or equivalent, depending on the make of your phone and search for “sound recorder or voice recorder.”

You should be able to find a free one.

Tap to open the app information and then tap the “Install” button.


Step 2

Wait for the app to finish installing and then open the app to begin using it.

On the screen you will see a timer set to 00:00, a loading bar, and a button that says “Record.”  Whenever you are ready to begin, just tap on that button.


Step 3

You are now recording. The timer at the top of the screen will begin to keep track of how long your recording is.

When you are finished, tap the record button again.


Step 4

You will now be prompted to title and save your recording. Type in whatever you want to name the file and then hit the save button.


Step 5

You should now be able to send the audio as an attachment via email to We can then edit it for inclusion in the Show.


Step 6

Please inform us if there are sections of the audio that need deleting, for example names or other personal details that may not be appropriate for broadcasting.

If you prefer to send written information that we can then read out for you then please send material to

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