Beyond Places of Safety Funding Scheme

The Department of Health has launched the new £15 million Beyond Places of Safety scheme to better support people at risk of experiencing a mental health crisis in England.

The new fund follows on from the £15 million Improving Places of Safety scheme (2015-2017) that aimed to reduce the number of people who end up in a police cell following detention under the Mental Health Act.

The new capital grants scheme is focussed on improving urgent and emergency mental health care (including conditions such as psychosis, bipolar disorder, and personality disorders that could cause people to be a risk to themselves or others) by investing in facilities and infrastructure in local area.

The funding is focused on:

  • Preventing people from reaching crisis point in the first place.
  • Helping to develop new approaches to support people who experience a mental health crisis.

The minimum grant is £5,000.

More information:

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