Calderdale VCS Representation at West Yorkshire Sub Regional Group

Deadline: 20th September

A local VCS representative is required to engage and attend Sub Regional Strategic Migration Group (SRMG) meetings.

The purpose of the SRMGs is to assist the Strategic Migration Group (SMG) to provide a strategic leadership, advisory and coordination function in the region and to provide a forum for senior representatives of LAs, Police, Health, Home Office, asylum accommodation and support contract providers, and other key partners (including representatives from the voluntary sector) within sub regions.

View the SRMG Terms of Reference

The core responsibilities include:

Representing the views of all VCS organisations who work with migrants within the allocated local authority area at SRMG by:

  • Attending a minimum of 3 meetings a year
  • Acting as a conduit for all information between SMG, SRMG, multi-agency meetings, and the wider VCS within your local authority area
  • Acting as the voice of the VCS in your local authority area regardless of personal or organisational views

Within your role:

  • Contribute to strategic debate on migration issues among partners in the sub-regions to assist in the development of a strategic approach to promoting the benefits of migration into the region and minimising any adverse impacts
  • Plan and take action together – particularly when there are cross boundary migration issues
  • Contribute to the development and implementation of local, regional and national migration policy
  • Grow and strengthen networks within the relevant local authority area

The representative should have:

  • Experience of supporting migrants in their day-to-day role
  • Experience of working at a strategic level
  • Connections within the VCS in their local authority area, and the ability to strengthen these
  • Knowledge of issues facing all migrants, including EU/EEA migrants, asylum seekers and refugees

Working Arrangements

  • The post holder should be nominated by the VCS in their local authority area
  • The post holder shall hold the role for 1 year
  • At the end of the term, the post holder shall facilitate nominations in their local authority area for the following 12 months
  • Re-nomination is permissible
  • If an individual leaves their employment, nominations shall re-open automatically, facilitated by Migration Yorkshire

If you wish to nominate yourself for this representative role, please email with a short paragraph detailing your interest and commitment to the role by 9am on Friday 20 September 2019.

If you are nominating someone else, you must first get their permission.

If more than one person is nominated then all the nominations will be voted upon, with Migration Yorkshire having the casting vote.

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