Child Poverty Action Group – Coronavirus and Benefits

The outbreak of coronavirus (COVID-19) has had an immediate impact on demand for benefit support. Child Poverty Action Group are working to keep you updated. AskCPAG was developed to ensure they can respond quickly to changing advice, and to give you the latest information when you need it. This is particularly important now, as the guidance on coronavirus is shifting by the day.

Take a look at their new topic area on coronavirus (COVID-19). Informartion will be added to this as it develops to ensure you stay informed. They have the latest updates, including:

  • Eligibility for SSP, and removing the 3 day waiting period
  • Self isolation and fit notes
  • UC and ESA new rules
  • Jobcentre appointments, sickness and disability benefit assessments

With many of us now being advised to work from home, AskCPAG allows you access to the Welfare Benefits and Tax Credits Handbook as well as a range of decision making tools to ensure you can continue working remotely.

Free trial offer available here.

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