Children and Young People’s Partnership July 2015

  • CYPEE: Children & Young People’s Partnership Executive
  • CMBC: Calderdale Metropolitan Borough Council
  • C&YP: Children & Young People
  • CAMHS: Child Mental Health Service
  • WYPCC: West Yorkshire Police & Crime Commissioner
  • SEND: Statement of Educational Need
  • CSCB: Calderdale Safeguarding Children’s Safeguarding

Performance Indicator Report: CMBC C&YP directorate – Improvement is being made in adoption journey and permanency of placement. The indicators are slightly confusing, they are going to be improved with narrative. Lead Officer – Judith Wyllie.

Troubled Families: CMBC C&YP Family Intervention Team – Early intervention being embedded within existing teams. Working alongside Children’s Social Care teams. Positive outcomes for families, more of a focus on families with drug & alcohol issue. Lifeline commissioned to support and Home-Start around intensive family support involving volunteers. Effort is being made to reduce children going into care. Lead Officer – Steve Woodhead.

Safeguarding School: CMBC C&YP Education – Training offered for safeguarding leads in school, network developed, training programme developed with CSCB offered out to school governors. Lead Officer: Rezina Kelly.

Disabled C&YP: CMBC C&YP directorate – Pilot SEND Ofsted review took place, positive outcomes good practice being shared with other local authorities. Lead Officer – Judith Wyllie.

CAMHS: CMBC C&YP directorate – A report has gone to scrutiny to look at improving the service delivered to people around mental health as it is acknowledged there are long waiting lists and issues with accessing service and resources. Multi agency task force looking at pathways. Final report back to scrutiny Dec 15. Lead Officer – Judith Wyllie. Ofsted – Permanency strategic board set up to look at wider issues. Permanency peer review taking place in Sept. Small numbers of children. Emphasis still on the best outcome for the child. Single Integrated Plan (SIP) moved away from stand alone plan. Actions now added into existing service plans and targets. Report provided against improvement actions. Make A Difference reporting system developed, partners can access. Lead Officer – Judith Wyllie. Item for H&WB – Affect on families after the budget changes.

Domestic Child Sexual Exploitation Update: CMBC C&YP Commissioning – Domestic Abuse bulletin has been developed by the Domestic Abuse & Sexual Violence Strategic Board to be circulated. Commissioning & Stakeholder event 22 July details to be shared. WYPCC regional perpetrator programme commencing soon. Ethnographic Research commission to be redrafted and circulated. Safehands are being recommissioned for a further year. Recruitment of a new member of staff. Rolling out a Parenting Course locally. Across West Yorkshire they are delivering a prevention programme of schools and professionals. Lead Officer – Julie Killey

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