Funding Available: £150k to £300k for single applicants, or up to £750k for consortia

Country Focus: UK, India, South Africa, Zambia and Nigeria

Across the world communities are doing excellent work tackling homelessness and shelter insecurity through their own creativity.

Comic Relief believe that long-term change happens when communities take their place at the table, working alongside government, private sector and civil society.

They want to hear from organisations preventing long-term homelessness and shelter insecurity in the following countries: the UK, India, South Africa, Zambia and Nigeria. These countries have high levels of poverty, inequality and rising numbers of people who are homeless or living in insecure shelter. There is also some track record in each country of government support and infrastructure to tackle these issues.

They’re inviting locally-rooted organisations to tell them what solutions they believe will work, demonstrating their approach is built on working directly with people affected by these issues.

For full information go to the Comic Relief website