Commissioning work with children and young people

Calderdale’s Local Cultural Education Partnership (or LCEP) is a consortium of individuals and organisations who care about using creative approaches to improve the lives of children and young people in Calderdale.

Groups of children and young people are being given £5,000 to commission collaborative arts projects that will help them to feel happy. They’ll identify a theme and choose the artists/organisations they’d like to work with them.

The where, when, what and how will be agreed between the artists and children and young people based on what works for everyone, and the evaluation & co-ordination will be supported by the Guild along with schools and other stakeholders.

As a guide they would expect artists/organisations to be delivering between 8-12 hours of contact during the project, but other than that, the allocation of the budget will be up to you.

There are no complicated forms to fill in and no interviews or taster workshops to prepare. They just need half an hour of your time, once, to tell them about yourselves and the wonderful work you do. They will use the time to create a profile and a short piece to camera that we can use to tell groups of CYP about you and your work.

So, if you’d like to be considered for a commission of £5,000 just follow the link here to book a slot to meet:

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