Countering Migration Myths 14th October 2015

Morning session Sofia Mahmood

Combined score out of five   5 = 23; 4 = 16; 3 = 5;

Average: 4.4 out of 5


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  • How Sofia went about addressing the Prevent strategy
  • Inspirational speaker. I loved the interactive activities
  • Informative and engaging. Allowed good networking opportunities
  • Very inspirational. Wow!
  • Interactive and very informative. Sofia came across as a very approachable individual. Thanks so much Sofia
  • Really engaging session. What an inspirational woman!
  • Very good motivational speaker
  • Sofia was very clear in what she was saying
  • Clearly experienced in prevent
  • Knew her subject; was clear about what she was doing and at the same time ‘subverting’ when necessary, educating always.
  • Interesting
  • Sofia was interesting, honest and gave me things to think about long after the conference
  • Very interesting
  • Sofia spoke about not accepting what we are being told and challenging things we don’t agree with
  • Sofia was amazing and it is refreshing seeing a woman who has power and working hard on this agenda
  • Sofia spoke about her experiences and was very clear about what approach was needed. She was very inspirational
  • Really great at engaging everybody within the room. Information on what, when and why, was great and very clear. Enthusiastic approach
  • Clear, very knowledgeable and passionate
  • Liked the mix of knowledge sharing and practical application
  • She has lots of experience
  • Really good. Looking forward to working in partnership
  • Knew what she was talking about; spoke with conviction and got the message across
  • Could have listened to Sofia for much longer
  • Very, very interesting. Liked the game and the definitions challenge
  • Engaging presentation. Dealt with what could have potentially been a controversial topic well, without shying away from problematic areas.
  • Sofia helped clear up a few issues about Prevent and how youth work can play a part in supporting young people who may be at risk
  • Such a refreshing approach to a problem. Inclusive and understanding
  • Very knowledgeable, but not sure of the relevance of Millionaire game
  • Very interesting and thought provoking
  • Very informative. Good examples used. Engaging tasks
  • Good examples for practice
  • Very knowledgeable – gave me a better understanding
  • Very good. Had you thinking with the groups. Not sure about the pictures
  • Interactive – thanks
  • It was a new subject for me. Very useful
  • I was a bit late, but the bit I saw was useful
  • It was clear to see that Sofia has a passion and a very active involvement in her role, however didn’t really offer too much information based on challenging the myths
  • Good general introduction and a means to get thinking going on the topic
  • Sofia came across as very passionate – however, needed more facts. Didn’t agree with the statement that young people didn’t understand Prevent


Workshop sessions


Workshop – The Haven Project

  • It was really informative and very good
  • Again, knowledgeable and realistic
  • Very clear. Just wished we had that little bit more time, as we had a lot to discuss
  • Good, but needed a bit more structure as to how I could link in with Haven more and what other organisations are doing in Hull to work with refugees etc.
  • Looking at the realities and case studies really brought the problems home
  • Very informative
  • Very interesting. Answered many questions about the topic. Also opened my eyes to what some people go through
  • Really good overview of Haven with real case studies
  • Was o.k., but a bit rushed and a bit too descriptive
  • Useful and informative. Good facilitator
  • I felt privileged and grateful for the opportunity to have my mind opened to the difficulties refugees and asylum seekers face.
  • Very well planned
  • Provided us with case studies of relevant issues and scenarios that are faced within practice

Workshop – Working with new communities

  • It was helpful to hear what other people are doing, but it was all very Hull based
  • Interesting and gave food for thought, although disagreed with some of the gender stereotypes presented e.g. putting on fashion shows for girls
  • Good way for our Service to engage with hard to reach minorities
  • Would have liked more time for activities and discussion. The facilitator was very knowledgeable and left me with a couple of areas form my Service to develop
  • Facilitation of a very interesting discussion within the group. I personally would have liked to have hear more suggestions on how to actively engage people from different culture, to make all of the communities inclusive rather than secular
  • Would have liked to explore this further. Limited time
  • Networking opportunity
  • Networking with the group. Sharing experiences. Good facilitation

Workshop – Tools for Challenging

  • It is extremely useful to actually do activities we can do with young people and colleagues. I would have liked a list/handout to explore further
  • Enjoyed the session and got some good ideas for use in my practice
  • Interactive session with some useful tools of engagement
  • Very useful and practical activities to enable Prevent to be embedded within tutorials
  • Good facilitation and lovely activities that got the conversation going and supported participants to take some risks
  • Did what it said on the tin. Practical tools relevant to our work
  • Informative, creative and innovative engagement techniques
  • Good tools, which I will use in the future
  • Activities which I can use with young people
  • Good activities. Lots to think about

Workshop – Youth Work in Europe

  • Found it very Powerpoint orientated. Didn’t really learn anything about youth work in Europe
  • Good to hear how different countries work with young people within our work
  • Little interaction, despite being told it would be a conversation. Seemed more of a testimony rather than an informing session
  • Interesting, but not enough time
  • Lots of information, but not enough time for the discussion
  • It was very informative, but not what I thought the session would be like
  • Unsure at the end of the session what we were being offered or what we were asked to explore. Too much written material which could have been more easily digested with paper copies or notes
  • It was too deep for me


Afternoon session – Prevent

  • Really good and great in regards to what is being done and how
  • Challenging presentation that gave me things to think about
  • Not enough time again! Shame really as we didn’t make it to the end of the presentation. Very intense and lots of information given. Thank you
  • Could have done with longer on the session. Will now refer if necessary. Re-assured
  • Shame didn’t get to end of Powerpoint, but good explanation of safeguarding issue. Should have stopped the questions until the end
  • I feel I am now more aware of the issues raised
  • Confirmed to myself that Government International and Foreign Policy does not feature as a cause of radicalisation. It does!
  • Just a shame they couldn’t say their piece without being interrogated. All right to ask questions, but at the end would have been better, when you have all the info
  • Interesting listening to the Police and the audience’s views on how and when to use Prevent and Channel Panel. Thank you.
  • Good listening to the critiques and debates. Very interesting learning about Prevent
  • Gave rise to a lot of questions and views
  • I would like to set up a workshop based on Community Cohesion
  • Sensitive subject. Hard to trust all that Police and authorities will be the same. Again, very Hull based
  • Interesting and useful
  • Will be working locally with the officer in our organisation who is dealing with this
  • It did make the Prevent processes much clearer
  • I am aware of who to contact, but I feel that the criteria for justifying making contact about a person was vague
  • Unfortunately overtaken by inappropriate questions
  • Really good for knowledge and seeing local ‘authoritative’ approach. My question is how we then support young people who could be referred – don’t think schools have the resources.
  • I think speakers did well to answer the several questions asked of them. I think it is reassuring to know there are people we can contact for advice.
  • Seeking CPD for all staff working with the Academy
  • Kirklees Council are ahead of the training around Prevent with institutions and education establishments
  • Informative and useful – allowed discussions
  • Liked the opportunities which questions allowed. This brought in some interesting debate
  • Really good opportunity for debate. Talking point about link with safeguarding came from this, and understanding risk
  • Relevant information; all of the content already been implemented in our LA.
  • Left a lot of questions unanswered and some confusion around Prevent
  • Not enough time
  • Very hard to take in lots of challenges
  • Very interesting to hear how the Police and Local Authorities are responding to the Prevent strategy
  • Was seeming really good, but too many questions from floor slowed down the flow
  • Integration of safeguarding
  • Very helpful! Will help with practice and even with everyday life
  • People were allowed to speak

Afternoon session – Bill Dennis

  • Great getting information regarding statistics
  • Love the facts! Very clear and easy to follow
  • Very informative. Nice to get real information, not just what you’ve heard on the grapevine, papers, news etc.
  • Very informative
  • Copies of this would be very useful
  • Engaging and informative and I particularly liked the outlook/approach of the speaker had towards the topic
  • Learnt a lot
  • Great myth-busting!!!
  • Informative, but facts can also be boring
  • Interesting and informative
  • I now have an understanding of the myths that can prevalent in society around what is true and not true. Very informative. Bill is a brilliant facilitator!
  • Gave important info that we need as practitioners such as definitions of relevant terms in migration
  • Very good. Nice to get actual facts
  • Thought he was brilliant and really useful – my favourite part of the day. Thanks Bill.
  • Dispel the myths and allow communities to accept change and difference
  • Clear and informative. Gave a good insight locally regarding new arrivals
  • Bill presented in an engaging manner and he seems to have a genuine passion for his subject. Everyone loves a good bit of myth-busting!!
  • Great and instructive. More time would have been even better
  • Not enough time
  • Very interesting update. Would have been good to include a practical aspect, but kept engaged at the day’s end. Thanks
  • Interesting and informative. Thank you
  • Useful and informative session
  • Brilliant anecdotal evidence that helped make the topic live.
  • Good information, but could have read this on-line
  • Useful to have factual context t support discussions in teams and with young people
  • The most relevant speaker to gather the information based on the conference title
  • Well presented
  • Very interesting man. Had the pleasure of sitting next to him throughout the day
  • Fact based. Interactive. Interesting. Thanks Bill
  • Clear and useful evidence although one criticism, re Y&H is North Yorkshire being almost a region apart from the rest of us
  • This was all new to me
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