Feedback from Children’s Safeguarding Meeting 5 Feb 15

Learning & Development Chair


Communication Chair

Plea for Nominations for Chair(s) of two subgroups are being requested. After getting permission from the candidate pass details to Julia Caldwell
Representation Change If representatives are being changed, Richard asked if a formal message be sent to the board to agree the substitution Action JL for SB?
Learning Framework Item 3.5 – Any comments, does it make sense – system of charging for courses if delegates fail to attend.  Question are the right type of courses being provided at flexible times and venues, what reasons are given for non attendance, what are the numbers, from which agency? Comments to Allison Waddell


Item 3.5 Attached

Learning and Improvement Overview Report April – December 2014 (Quarter 1, 2 and 3)


Item 3.1  Training Champion

Appendix 3 – VCS, Health Connections, Himmat and Women’s Centre counted separately

A request was made to add in e-learning

Steve is this you for VCS?


Do we need to sit down with Allison to get an accurate figure?

Item 3.4 Serious Case Review Read and digest Attached
Item 4.8 Signature of Risks

Item 4.9 Early Intervention

Item 4.10 Missing Guide

To be circulated

To be circulated

To be circulated




Future Events Safeguarding Conference  to coincide with Womens Day 9 March


18 March Schools Event – Electronic Health Needs Assessment

To follow and then circulate


Will try to get an invite

 Item 3.6 Section 11 In the report VCS have figures of 50% of non commissioned VCS completing the questionnaires.


I challenged this figure as being high (but AW said she had agreed this with you)


Suggestion that this could be 30% this year

50% year after.


We have previously reported that 275 groups offer a service to C&YP

 JL& SB to discuss the baseline figures


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