Feedback from C&YP Safeguarding Board 19th July 2017

  • Appointment of a new independent chair – Nick Frost takes over from Richard Burrows – July was Richard’s his last meeting
  • Safeguarding Adults and Children’s Safeguarding Boards secretariat have merged so far improved service for Adults, business as usual for Children’s
  • Joint Targeted Area Review (JTAI) Preparation is taking place in Calderdale is required to undertake a JTAI around the theme of Neglect.  Multi agency inspectors come to authorities and track cases talking to all agencies involved.   Inspectors are from Ofsted, (CQC) Care Quality Commission, HMIP, HMIC
  • Section 11 audits – *A big thank you* goes out to the 9 groups (in addition to those groups who have to complete an assessment as part of their contract arrangements) who completed the audit this year.  General feedback; it is an in depth process which does take some time but is a very useful tool which reassures adequate processes and reassurances are in place.  Discussions are taking place to see if the process can be simplified and whether a yearly reassessment can be easily achieved.
  • Safeguarding Week takes place w/c 9 October – more details to follow
  • Representation – Jayne & Angela Everson – Children & Young People’s Board                                  Steve Blackman – Adults
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