Free Workshops from the SAFER Project

SAFER Workshops can be booked in directly and there are 5 workshops which can be tailor made for your groups, our workshops are interactive and last around 40 minutes and are completely free.

They like a minimum of 10 attendees for each session but staff can count towards numbers.

  • CONSUMER SAVVY – An Interactive workshop taking participants through basic rights when purchasing goods. Genuine or Fake challenge where participants are able to examine goods (bags, cosmetics, clothes, watches etc.) and try to decipher the real product from counterfeit. We also explore the risks, dangers and consequences of the fake market.
  • SCAMS & FRAUDS – An Interactive workshop focusing on the most common scams in circulation covering social media, online, phone, text, email and postal scam. A Matching Pairs activity & tips on scam tactics and the most current / prevalent scams.
  • SAVVY SAVINGS – An Interactive workshop offering key skills to budgeting, money saving tips & avoiding high cost credit. Explaining APR and comparing loans for essentials, living healthy on a budget. Useful, cheap & simple to prepare recipes are provided and a taste test compares well-known brands with cheaper alternatives. Also Loan Shark activity and Money Muling explained.
  • DOORSTEP CRIME – An Interactive workshop with varying doorstep scenarios identifying simple key strategies for dealing with bogus callers, rogue traders and unwanted callers. Also includes information about Cold Calling Control Zones.
  • ENERGY SAVVY – An Interactive and informative session with great practical energy saving tips. A fun myth busting ‘True or False’ challenge looking at energy waste and appliances, how to switch energy providers & information about smart meters.

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