Funding for creatives affected by COVID-19

From the Calderdale Local Cultural Education Partnership:

We know that this situation is a nightmare financially for pretty much everyone and we’re particularly mindful of freelance artists and small organisations whose work and income has dried up overnight. We’re in conversation with the funders who are supporting the LCEP ‘partnership investment’ phase to see if we can divert some of the money that was previously ring-fenced for creative consultation in schools to be used more broadly, and use the workforce development funding to support you with your most pressing concerns.

We’ve also been in conversation with CFFC and are going to be launching a fund aimed at Calderdale creatives to a) make small grants to freelancers and orgs facing financial hardship and b) provide art materials to disadvantaged children and families who might not have access to them whilst they’re in isolation.

The public will be able to donate to this fund online (or by cheque or bank transfer direct to CFFC), CFFC will hold the funding which will give public confidence that it’s all legit and WE as the LCEP will decide the criteria through which it’s awarded. Once it’s live we’ll circulate the link so you can share it with your networks and hopefully raise some much needed financial support.

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