Funding from Community Foundation for Calderdale

Details of funding and information from Community Foundation for Calderdale:

  • Community Foundation for Calderdale and Calderdale NHS have invested £150,000 in a Todmorden mental health commission which aims to support those affected by the flooding experienced in the Valley. The commission will be led by Calderdale Healthy Minds, who are looking to work with local partners to develop and implement support services. Funding is available to organisations who wish to be part of the commission. Find out more here:
  • Community groups and charitable organisations at risk of flooding, or who have previously been flooded can now join Flood Save. Flood Save is a match funded savings scheme for Community groups, charities, business and homes in Calderdale who are at risk of flooding. The Community Foundation for Calderdale have invested £500,000 from the flood fund, in the event of a flood this money will be used match fund 100% of savings made by members (up to £2,000 of saving). Save £2,000 in the event of a flood get £4,000. Savings maybe withdrawn at any time:
  • Community Foundation for Calderdale is working with RES (Renewable Energy Systems), which operates Todmorden Wind Farm to provide funding for projects that benefit the communities of Todmorden. We are looking for applications that show how the community would benefit from the funding and would like to see projects that have scope for future development. Closing date: 31st Jan 2017
  • Coming soon Youth Social Action Fund, the fund is looking to engage more young people in social action, which involves activities such as campaigning, fundraising and volunteering, all of which enable participants to make a positive difference to their communities. If you would like to be contacted when this fund goes live please email
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