Grow Wild Grants – Deadline 1st December

Local community groups wishing to bring people together to transform a communal space by sowing and growing plants native to the UK have until 1 December 2015 to apply for funding for projects starting in March 2016.

Supported by funding from the Big Lottery Fund and led by Royal Botanic Gardens in Kew, Grow Wild is a four-year programme that aims to bring together community members, especially young people, to transform disused, unloved, neglected or uninspiring sites into a place that is attractive and useful by planting and sowing wild flowers, plants and trees that are native to the UK.

Grow Wild is looking to fund at least 60 community projects in 2016 across the UK. Grants of £1,000, £2,500 and £4,000 are available for planting projects that start in March and finish by October 2016. The grants will be paid in full at the start of the project. Match funding is not required.

Funding is available for planting and sowing native wild flowers, plants and/or trees that are native to the UK (not introduced from somewhere else).

Projects must:

  • Engage 12-25 year olds.
  • Involve the whole community.
  • Inspire through creativity and transformation.

Projects should meet the following criteria:

  • Inspiring idea – ignites the interest of the community with exciting activities and eye-catching results to show UK native plants at their best.
  • Energetic, credible group – led by a not-for-profit group working for the benefit of local people. The Grow Wild project must be stand-alone, although it can be part of a programme of related projects, and must not deliver any statutory responsibility.
  • Captures community attention – involves a cross-section of local people, including young people aged 12-25 years, by creating opportunities for volunteering to transform a communal space with the colour and wildlife from UK native plants.
  • Stands up for UK native plants – grows plants native to the project’s local area, making local people aware of the nature that is being lost, and giving them something to do about it. Wildflowers, trees, shrubs and edible crops native to local areas are all eligible.
  • Available space has access to communal space (or a series of spaces near each other) large enough for the project idea and budget. The space can be urban or suburban, a place that lots of people could use.
  • High profile – uses fun stories and methods to share photos and activities with as much of the community and young people as possible – as well as shares with Grow Wild online through a dedicated profile page, social media and press.
  • Value for money – delivers from March to October 2016, with some activity in every month, and uses all the allocated funding on project costs.
  • Lasting – benefits continue with arrangements to manage the space for at least three years, ideally in partnership with other local groups. There should be a lasting sense of responsibility with the people involved, including young people, towards UK native plants and their importance.

The funding can be used to cover costs specifically related to the Grow Wild project and can be used for materials, plants and seeds, and any volunteer costs. The Grow Wild Team likes to develop a close relationship with groups that receive funding. In addition to the funding, the team offers training and support in promoting the funded projects.

Applications will be accepted from voluntary, community and youth groups, charities, constituted not-for-profit groups, parish, town and community councils, secondary schools, health authorities, health boards and prisons.

The deadline for applications is 1 December 2015 (12pm) and successful groups will be notified in February 2016.

Full details can be found on the Grow Wild website

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