“I Dig Trees” OVO Energy & The Conservation Volunteers

I Dig Trees” is the name of a programme run by OVO Energy and The Conservation Volunteers. 1,250 FREE community tree packs are available for distribution to community groups in England, Scotland and Wales.

Not for profit organisations that will involve volunteers in the tree planting activity can apply. The trees must be planted in a publicly accessible space and you must have permission from the land owner.

“Tree packs are predetermined with varieties that best suit a particular growing environment and all are recommended UK varieties. All packs to come with 50 x spiral guards (60cm x 50mm dia.) and supporting cane (90cm 12/14lbs) and packaged in forestry co-extruded bags.” Each order is limited to a maximum of 19 packs (950 trees).

Generally trees are ready for delivery from mid-November with the expectation that all bare root trees are planted by the end of April 2017.

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Registered Charity Number 1107013
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