In the Limelight: Music and the Deaf


Music and the Deaf are a unique charity which provides music opportunities for children and adults with any degree of hearing loss. They recognise that there are thousands of music groups all over the UK but very few providing access for the 10 million people with a hearing loss. Music and the Deaf has a 25 year history of running pioneering community music projects which bring communities together through music making. One existing group includes the Yorkshire Music Club based in Halifax where deaf children can play musical instruments and perform their own music. Most importantly, the group helps to ensure that deaf children have the opportunity to socialise, as currently, 86% of deaf children are now integrated in mainstream schools where their peers are predominantly hearing and communication is challenging. They are based in Halifax, in the 1855 building next to Eureka!

Music and the Deaf are planning to set up several community projects for both deaf and hearing communities. One includes the Handy Voices choir which helps to break down communication barriers between deaf and hearing people and helps to reduce social isolation. It is simply a fun, creative and an inclusive group.

The Handy Voices Choir is also one of the rare choirs in the UK that uses live singing and sign language at the same time. We are looking for funding and for volunteers to help us run this group.

They are recruiting new members to join them at a very exciting time, which is to perform at the Hearing Fund UK Gala in Leeds on 8th August 2015. There will be celebrities performing too, including the world famous Susan Boyle and Merrill Osmond. It will be a once in a lifetime opportunity for the choir to perform on a world class stage and show the public what the community can achieve.

For more volunteer information contact tel: 01422 734026 or email: Click their logo to visit their website.

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