In the Limelight: One Good Turn

One Good Turn

One Good Turn are a local based charity in West Yorkshire and help local people by way of free goods, services and advice which they could otherwise not afford.

They aim to tackle social isolation by encouraging their service users to attend their coffee mornings and to volunteer for the charity.

One Good Turn’s beneficiaries are people that are in the most financially challenged and deprived areas of Kirklees.

In Calderdale at present, they hold a free grab table (free jumble sale) fortnightly, at Sarina’s restaurant in friendly. They have One Good Turn Facebook groups, where the general public can put their names down on items for them to win. They then collect them from Sarina’s when they hold a coffee afternoon. One Good Turn have already helped families in Halifax through their referral system, and also collect donations.

Sophia Crawshaw (Founder of One Good Turn) won the Halifax Giving Extra National award 2014 for her voluntary and charity work and the local newspaper’s ‘Friend of the Year ‘community award.

They have been awarded the council’s voluntary quality standard award. One Good Turn have also been assessed for the Queen’s volunteer award and also the Duke of York award, and are very close to hearing from them if they are winners.

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Registered Charity Number 1107013
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