Man Group plc Charitable Trust

The Trust funds small to medium size UK registered charities that focus on promoting literacy and/or numeracy and:

  • Have an annual income greater than £1 million and less than £10 million
  • Raise levels of literacy and/or numeracy with evidence of an increase in attainment in one or both of these areas
  • Have a significant impact; changing wider policy and practice or having the potential to be mainstreamed or replicated
  • Have clear and measurable outcomes and benefits and use evidence of results to improve performance
  • Lead to leverage of additional funding where possible

Applicants must demonstrate that they are well run, with good governance and financial management and have an ambitious approach to tackling social issues.

The Trust will not consider charities with high administration costs relative to the services provided.

The Trust typically funds charities’ core costs, including salaries and overheads, and project costs.

The Trust prefers to focus on activities that offer assistance directly to individuals, families and communities as well as on those that increase the capacity of organisations and individuals.

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Registered Charity Number 1107013
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