Orange Box Choir

You’ve probably heard the sad news that Square Chapel has gone into administration and are wondering what this will mean for the future of Orange Box Choir.

As it stands the situation has left the Choir without any resource/funding to cover running costs and continue.

Some of the young people in the choir are at risk, particularly in terms of their mental health. In the hopes that the Covid-19 pandemic calms over the coming weeks/months, Orange Box Choir would like to approach local organisations they feel might want to support this project, followed by conversations with prospective funders to gauge whether they would fund the project under different management.

In the immediate, the main thing is for Choir to get up and running as soon as restrictions are lifted to minimise the impact on the young people. If you have any thoughts on how they may be able to do this without any resources or any way you might be able to support this project, contact
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Registered Charity Number 1107013
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