New project from verd de gris arts for young people

While young people may be less physically affected by the disease, as a group, it is they who will suffer most from Covid-19. It is breaking dreams, stopping learning and it is piling on huge debt for their future. How can we follow and support the imaginations and aspirations of a generation that needs creative help now?

If you are a young person aged 13-21, verd de gris would love you to share your
thoughts with them. Through writing together via Zoom, meeting in small groups outdoors and using photos from your phones to start collecting and gathering
your experiences.

Starting with an intro session asking you to bring a favourite quote from a film, book, game or lyric and take it from there!

verd de gris arts are working with photographer/filmmaker Geoff Brokate on this exciting project. To get involved, contact:
Mobile: 07933 181218 for WhatsApp

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Registered Charity Number 1107013
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