Reducing Parental Conflict in Calderdale

The Government wants every child to have the best start in life and parents play a critical role in giving children the experiences and skills they need to success. However, children who are exposed to parental conflict can suffer long-term harm. The Government is committed to reducing conflict between parents- whether they are together or separated which is why the Reducing Parental Conflict Programme was introduced, announced in April 2017 as part of Improving Lives: Helping Workless Families.

A growing body of evidence suggests that, whether between couples or between separated partners, children growing up with parents who have good-quality relationships, with low parental conflict, tend to enjoy a wider range of better future outcomes, spanning mental and physical health, and educational attainment.

Whilst most children will experience some low-level parental conflict with no negative effects, an Early Intervention Foundation (EIF) report concludes that frequent, intense and poorly resolved conflict between parents can lead to externalising problems and internalising behaviours. Externalising problems can include aggression, hostility and disruptive behaviours, most typically found amongst boys who experienced intense parental conflict. Internalising behaviours, more typically found amongst girls, can include anxiety and depression. These early negative effects that result from being exposed to parental conflict have the potential to lead to longer-term negative outcomes which include poor academic achievements, substance misuse, lower employment outcomes and future disrupted family and child outcomes (Harold et al, 2016).

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Calderdale have secured funding to deliver a range of FREE training modules on Reducing Parental Conflict for appropriate practitioners in the multi-agency community. Service managers/leads who feel this would benefit their service, please contact the Strategic Development Lead Susan Kilroy on 07907 187399 / email, who can offer further explanation and explain the booking process.

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