Sport England to Launch New Funding Programmes

Sport England has announced that it will launch its new multi million funding programme next month which will support its strategy published earlier this year.

In May 2016, Sport England set out its current strategy ‘Towards an Active Nation’ which outlined the work it would do between 2017 and 2021 to increase the number of people in England taking part in sport and activity and decrease the number of people who are physically inactive. The strategy was published in response to the Government’s ‘Sporting Future’ strategy of December 2015.

Sport England plans to invest around £22.5 million between 2017 and 2021 through its new funding programmes.

Information on the following programmes is expected starting next month:

  • Volunteering  The full details of a new £3 million volunteering fund to diversify the range of people who volunteer and as a first step, support people from lower socio-economic groups to volunteer in sport will be published in December. The fund will open in early 2017, and it is expected the first awards will be made in spring. Sport England wants to work with a mix of organisations in this fund, some of which will be new to them.
  • Local delivery – Expressions of interest will be invited in December 2016 to become a local delivery pilot project which will take place in both rural and urban areas across England. A number of working sessions will be held in January and February 2017 to help potential partners develop their ideas, with the first three or four pilots identified by March. The total number of pilots is expected to be 10.
  • Tackling inactivity  An investment guide on inactivity will be published and the first phase of the £10 million Inactivity Fund will open in December. The Fund will provide grants of between £250,000 and £500,000 (lower bids will be entertained) for projects that help adults over the age of 55 years to get active. Expressions of interest will be due by 13 February 2017, with the first set of awards made in June 2017.
  • Facilities – The first phase of the new £7.5 million Community Asset Fund will launch in December with the publication of the wider facilities investment guide in January 2017. This fund will offer grants of between £5,000 and £150,000 to organisations that want to take over sports facilities, or sports clubs that want to expand or organisations that have a great idea for a project that is clearly needed in the local community.
  • Supporting sport’s core market – major events – This £2 million fund will launch in December with the aim of engaging a much broader range of people in and around major sporting events.

Sport England has plans to publish a series of detailed investment guides that will provide more information on the types of projects it wishes to support, the outcomes it is seeking to achieve and the people it wants to benefit.

The guides are:

  • Supporting sport’s core market – how to apply for funding for projects that ensure those with a strong affinity for sport are valued as customers (December 2016).
  • Children and young people – how Sport England can work with applicants to create more opportunities for children to improve skills and have fun being active outside of school time (February 2017).
  • Mass markets – how to access funding for projects that can get huge numbers of people active (March 2017).
  • Local delivery – how Sport England wants to support areas to create opportunities to get active that really work for the local community (March 2017).

Visit the Sport England website for further information.

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