Staying Well Development Fund

The Staying Well project is pleased to announce a £50k Staying Well fund to develop activities that improve social opportunity and prevent loneliness and isolation in adults in Calderdale.

The funding from Calderdale Foundation for Calderdale will enable communities to strengthen existing community groups and find local solutions to ‘fill’ gaps in provision with local people holding the budget.

Key Staying Well partners North Halifax Partnership, Hebden Bridge Community Association and Halifax Opportunities Trust are working directly with communities to set up and develop representative panels in local areas who will decide how the money is to be allocated at a local level, for example by commissioning services or through the allocation of small grants.

As these conversations go on at local levels, various events will be held; amidst the snow in February some of the Elland community came together to talk about how local groups may access the monies available and what they saw as priorities for them. Similar events may be happening in your area and Staying Well urge local groups and organisations to get thinking of ideas for projects to help reduce isolation on a local level and get in touch for more information.

Staying Well have a strong history of working alongside community groups in more areas than just funding, offering support to any group looking to set up new activities in an area or those just looking to expand the good work they already do.

If you have an interest in working with Staying Well to help represent your community and take part in a local steering group, then please get in touch and they may be able to link you to local opportunities and events. Call 01422 392767.

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