Support for low income households who struggle to heat their homes

Do you support low income residents who spend a lot of time at home? When you visit them are their homes cold and draughty? Is the resident sat with lots of layers on, huddled over a fire? Or, if they are elderly, do they even feel the cold? These households have high energy costs and often struggle to afford heat their homes to the minimum recommended temperature of 18 deg C.

Low income households with long term or chronic health conditions are at greater risk of secondary illness as result of living in a cold home, putting additional pressure on health and care related services. Living in a cold home over a long period can also raise blood pressure and cause stiffness in joints, increasing the risks of trips & falls, respiratory illness, cardio-vascular and stroke events. Research carried out for the Council suggests that treating the ill health caused by living in a cold home costs almost £1m per year in Calderdale.

Did you know the Council has a range of services to help lower income owner occupiers and private tenants make their homes warmer, healthier and cheaper to heat? These include:

  • Free First Time Central Heating
  • Small heating repair grants to fix heating and hot water boilers
  • Replacement central heating boilers and new heating systems
  • Warmth on prescription for low income households with chronic or terminal health conditions (health professional referral needed)
  • Insulation to reduce heat loss
  • Draught proofing and radiator reflector panels to improve thermal comfort
  • A range of grant assistance and interest free loans to help qualifying households cover the cost of the works

If you would like any further information on the services offered, please contact Noreen Akhtar on 01422 392199.

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