Tackling Serious Stress in Veterans, Families and Carers Programme

This programme is looking to fund a small number of projects that will enable charities and health professionals to work together to develop and try new ideas that they have developed with veterans and their carers and families. The programme will support projects where there is good evidence to suggest that the idea might produce outcomes for veterans and their carers and families that are better than current sources of support on offer.

There is an Information and Networking Event for this programme. The event will be in Central London, Friday 14th September 2018. This event will be an opportunity to find out more about the programme and meet other organisations that might be interested in working in partnership.

To register your interest please email enquiries@covenantfund.org.uk . Places are limited to one person per organisation.

This programme will have an overarching research provider, which will be procured under an open tender. This will evaluate all the projects collectively rather than each project having to commission its own evaluation. This will ensure that all of the projects can be compared. We will also look at how well veteran and carers have done under these projects, and work out if this would make a saving to the public purse if they can be sustained.

The tender process will close on 20th August 2018. The tender is only to appoint the overarching research provider; and the programme itself will open for applications in autumn 2018. You can access the tender documents on their website.

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