The Job Retention Scheme and Charity Rescue Package

NCVO have taken off their member only restrictions from their web pages and resources during the COVID-19 response. That means you do not have to be an NCVO member to access a whole host of quality resources and information to help organisations during this time

Also they have recently shared some insight into being in receipt of public funding with regards to the Job Retention Scheme.

A section of the guidance says: Where employers receive public funding for staff costs, and that funding is continuing, we expect employers to use that money to continue to pay staff in the usual fashion – and correspondingly not furlough them. This also applies to non-public sector employers who receive public funding for staff costs.

Organisations who are receiving public funding specifically to provide services necessary to respond to COVID-19 are not expected to furlough staff. In a small number of cases, for example where organisations are not primarily funded by the government and whose staff cannot be redeployed to assist with the coronavirus response, the scheme may be appropriate for some staff. The full guidance is here:

The NLCF has issued this clarification for organisations in receipt of lottery funding:

The public funding issue should not be a restriction that has been set for the charity rescue package.

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