The South Pennines LEADER Programme is accepting Stage 1 applications

The South Pennines LEADER Programme want to hear from the following types of micro or small businesses who wish to develop or improve the locally distinctive value of their product or service in a way that will create jobs and bring economic growth to the South Pennines:

  • Farm and forestry businesses delivering visitor services, developing new local products or contributing positively to the landscape;
  • Manufacturing businesses creating or processing distinctive locally derived products that promote the South Pennines;
  • Visitor-facing businesses providing distinctive visitor services including accommodation and local food and drink;
  • Designer-maker businesses creating locally distinctive products with associated retailing, workshops, courses and visitor products;
  • Recreational businesses structuring their business around the local landscape and its recreational opportunities;
  • Social enterprises delivering local community services.

If you are located within the LEADER area, fall into any of the above categories and have a project that meets our priorities, please get in touch to find out more about the LEADER Programme.


LEADER activity in the new programme 2015-2020 must:

  1. Be based on an evidence of need, and one which is preferably linked to the SWOT analysis for the South Pennines found here
  2. EITHER directly support the rural economy e.g. through creating and developing micro and small sized rural businesses (70% of the programme must do this) or must demonstrate that activity contributes to improving the local rural economy e.g. by increasing visitors to a particular area or providing an essential rural service;
  3. Must have match funding
  4. Must demonstrate clear economic outputs and outcomes

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