Unique Ways Free Courses for Parent Carers 2018/19

The Insiders’ Guide 6-week courses focus on what it means to be a parent of a child with additional needs. They aim to build parents’ resilience so you are well placed to enjoy the journey bringing up your children.

The courses offer a mixture of practical skills for things like dealing with professionals or responding to behaviour, as well as some time to look at how it feels to have a child with additional needs and how to build your own resilience.

All Insiders’ Guide courses are co-delivered by a professional and a parent carer who has been there too. The courses bring together parents with things in common – either
those who have children of a similar age or those whose children share a particular need.

Themes of upcoming courses:

  • Insiders’ Guide: Challenging Behaviour – Wednesday 7th November-12th December 2018, Friday 11th January-15th February 2019
  • Insiders’ Guide: Under 12’s  Tuesday 9th October-20th Nov 2018 (with one week break for reflection)
  • Insiders’ Guide: Complex Health Needs – Tuesday 8th January-12th February 2019

PHEW: Parenting for Healthy Emotional Wellbeing Courses

Our Parenting for Health and Emotional Wellbeing (PHEW) course is for parents and carers of 11 to 18-year-olds with additional needs delivered over 2 days. The aim of the course is to share tools, ideas and insight that will help you to recognise and improve their mental health and wellbeing. It is then up to you how to best use this information to support them, and if you believe that they need further professional support then they will be able to point you in the right direction.

  • Wednesday and Thursday 3rd-4th October 2018
  • Friday 1st & Friday 8th March 2019

PCP: Person Centred Planning

  • Tues 18th Sep, Mon 24th Sep, Mon 1st Oct and Mon 8th Oct 2018 (Evenings)
  • Tuesday 15th January 2019-5th February 2019

You will learn about some easy ways to capture the depth and detail of your intimate knowledge of your child and share it simply to enable practitioners and anyone else supporting your child to understand them like you do. The skills you learn on this course will be of lifelong benefit to your child and family. This course is run over 4 separate weeks.

Read more about their courses at www.uniqueways.org.uk/courses-training/.

Call 01422 343090 or email hi@uniqueways.org.uk to find out more or book onto a course.

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