Update on COVID-19 Charity Excellence Funder Database

Update from Ian McLintock of Charity Digital:

The design specification and initial data build were completed over the weekend. There are nearly 400 entries, so far, with links to other COVID19 funder lists, including niche and global funders. You’ll be able to click through to 2000+ funder websites.  I hope to have a live system for technical testing by tomorrow evening, to launch on Monday 20 April.

At the moment it is in a list format so you will need to search down the list but from 20th April it should have search functions.

It’ll have 4 pull down menus – Continent/Country, Region/County, Category and Amount.  Many of the UK funders are being swamped and some existing trusts are repurposing their funding, so I’ve included links to CEF funder lists, such as core funders, social welfare, health and older people.  It’s hard work finding COVID19 funders for our marginalised groups, so I’ve also included links to the CEF social welfare, hard to fund groups and women & girls lists.

And life’s really tough for charity people and our beneficiaries, so I’ve included COVID19 funders for individuals and families, with a link to the CEF resource for hardship funds. Those in the frontline protecting us, such as the NHS, care staff and police, will have their own search criteria for funders specific to them.

Click here for the link to the current list.

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