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Who is a Volunteer?

Volunteering is inclusive, there is something for everyone.

Whatever your skills, interests, motivation, wherever you live, whether you have a lot of time or a little. If you want a regular weekly role or a ‘one-off’ activity. If you want to change your life, your street or your C.V. If you want to make friends, feel useful, put something back or gain a skill. Whether you’re young or old, male or female, employed or unemployed, disabled or able bodied; No matter what your ethnicity, faith, sexual orientation or culture!

Volunteering has many benefits:

  • Improve your self-confidence
  • Gain some skills and experience
  • Access to training and references
  • Improve your career prospects
  • Get involved in your community
  • Change peoples’ lives
  • Make new friends
  • Get involved in a cause/campaign
  • Use existing talents
  • Access to training

Questions & Answers

What’s in it for me?
Volunteering is a two-way thing – you give some of your time and energy and in return you should be getting something out of it. You could gain new skills and experience or meet new people.

Would I get any training as a volunteer?
Most organisations provide some training and support to make sure that you are able to do the tasks involved. Sometimes this is accredited, which means you get a recognised qualification.

Will it cost me anything to volunteer?
Most organisations will refund you’re out of pocket expenses including travel to and from the place of voluntary work. You should not be out-of-pocket as a result of volunteering.

How much time can I give?
It may be just a few hours once a month, or more regularly a few times a week. You could give a regular commitment or get involved in one-off events.

What about my benefits?
It shouldn’t make any difference to any benefit. If in doubt, check the information sheets on the National Volunteering website.

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