Wessex Youth Trust

The Wessex Youth Trust are interested in supporting projects which provide opportunities to help, support and advance children and young people.

All grant applicants are encouraged to seek funding from a wide range of sources and will be required to provide details of funds already raised in support of the applicant’s appeal.

UK registered charities and self-help organisation which provide opportunities specifically for children and young people may apply (from hospices, hospital beds and incubators to holiday clubs, sports organisations and outreach programmes; from inner city drop-in centres, child protection training and helplines to drug prevention schemes and sex education; from deaf, blind and speech impaired support groups and special needs libraries, to theatre, dance and music-related groups).


  • Organisations or groups which are not registered as charities or charitable causes
  • In response to applications by, or for the benefit of, individuals
  • By means of sponsorship for individuals undertaking fund-raising activities on behalf of any charity
  • Organisations or groups whose main objects are to fund or support other charitable bodie
  • Charities whose accounts disclose substantial financial resources and which have well established and ample fund-raising capabilities
  • Charities with religious objectives, political, industrial or commercial appeal

Visit: https://wessexyouthtrust.org.uk/grant-applications.php

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Registered Charity Number 1107013
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