Workforce Health and Wellbeing – free training for VCS Managers, supervisors and those with caring responsibilities

REACTMH® conversation training: Empowering you to support the mental health and wellbeing of our workforce

Their aim is to equip managers, supervisors and those with caring responsibilities to confidently hold supportive and compassionate mental health and wellbeing conversations, during and beyond Covid-19.

Why this training is important

The mental health and wellbeing of our workforce is of paramount importance. We know that line managers and those with similar supervisory and supportive roles can have a significantly positive, or negative, impact on the mental wellbeing of the people in their teams and communities.

Having supportive wellbeing conversations enables our people to continue to effectively deliver patient care, as psychologically healthy people are likely to perform better.

Evidence shows that managers and those in similar supportive roles who are trained in identifying the need for and facilitating supportive mental health and wellbeing conversations with their team members and colleagues can reduce their risk of longer-term mental ill health by 90%.

What will I learn?

This short remote live REACT Mental Health training session will enable you to identify people in your team or community who may be struggling with their mental health, initiate a supportive wellbeing conversation, confidently hold the conversation using active listening skills, and signpost them to appropriate support. You will gain new knowledge and have a chance to put this into practice during the session. The training is underpinned by psychologically sound principles and the REACTMH technique comprising of: Recognise, Engage, Actively listen, Check risk, and Talk about specific actions.

The REACTMH technique is well-established and has been
delivered for the past three years to thousands of people across public and private sector organisations.

Who is it for?

All managers, supervisors and those with caring responsibilities for people in clinical and nonclinical services across all our health and care organisations – in particular those working in areas exposed to high risk of stress, burnout and disadvantaged groups during Covid-19.

How is it delivered?

Sessions last up to one hour, 15 minutes and run remotely using virtual platform

Who delivers it?

NHS England and NHS Improvement are working in partnership with March on Stress, experts in managing wellbeing during crisis situations, to deliver their REACTMH training.

How do I book?

Please email to book onto a REACTMH session at a time and date that suits you.

What happens next?

You will be emailed joining instructions a couple of days before the event starts. Please make sure that your chosen IT equipment (e.g. computer, phone, tablet) has the required working software (currently Zoom) to run the session in advance.

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